Survival Tips For A Succesful Juice Cleanse

Juice cleanses have supporters and detractors. There is nothing wrong with this kind of detox diet, the only recommendation would be to follow the lead of an expert to avoid health risks

Have you ever tried detox diets such as juice cleanses? Removing toxins from your body, improving health, and losing weight are probably the main three reasons to try with juice cleanses and detox programs. A juice cleanses basically involve consuming nothing but juices from vegetables and fruits. 

What you should know about juice cleanses and detoxes?

A Preventive Nutrition and Food Science study revealed that ascorbic acid or vitamin C content was higher in drinks prepared by juicing, rather than blending for instance. Some of the fruits that have proven to be useful for this purpose are apples, pears, and mandarin oranges. Therefore, nutrients and antioxidant levels, such as Vitamin C can vary according to the type of juice extraction techniques.

The idea of juice cleanses is going to vary depending on the type of program. For example, there are programs where is exclusively drink fruits and vegetable juices for periods between two and 10 days. 

Main benefits of Juice Cleanses:

  • Benefits from these diets includes boosting levels of important vitamins, such as folate, vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene.
  • An additional benefit would be an anti-inflammatory function that boosts the immune system and increases energy levels. 
  • Healthy enzymes from fruits and vegetables can improve digestion, which also contributes to the anti-inflammatory function.

  One study published in Scientific Reports showed that juice cleanses contribute to weight loss, and increase and leads to gut bacteria changes by increasing the amount of some health-promoting bacteria and reducing the bacteria that cause illness. 

Are there any downsides of juice cleanses?

Although at first, it could seem like a good idea to clean the body and get rid of toxins, this type of diet could be controversial. Typical arguments may be the following:

  • Juice cleanses are restrictive when it comes to food groups and calories.
  • Fiber is stripped out of the ingredients during the juicing process.
  • Muscles and bones can be affected during the diet.
  • Juice cleanses may lead to kidney damage.

Trying detox diets or juice cleanses without proper guidance may bring health risks; therefore, it is important to find someone that helps with the right mixes, ingredients, schedules, and other recommendations to guarantee a successful result. 

Which routines or habits may work with juice cleanses?

The idea is not only to mix different ingredients without any proper criteria but achieve a smart combination of them to have a successful juice cleansing. Activities such as meditation, exercising, and mindfulness techniques may lead to the best possible results. 

Before doing a detox diet or a juice cleanse it is important for you to ask your doctor first and to do a little research too. Never do a detox diet because it is on “trend”. Learning how to do a smart juice cleanse requires to let behind all the things you think you know about it, and most of the times, in my experience, to let behind what you think healthy eating looks like.