Fernanda Casasbuenas is Colombian, currently living in the United States. Mother of two children, Tomás and Antonia. Graduated in Business Administration at the Universidad Externado de Colombia.


Connected to her life mission since her first pregnancy, to help families and children regulate their emotions and improve their lifestyle through meditation, movement and nutrition. Certified as a Personal Trainer with A.C.E and as a Yoga Instructor with Fred Buch (200 hour certification). Certified in Anusara Yoga and Budokon, a blend of martial arts and Yoga, with Cameron Shayne.


Recipient of workshops with Joe Dispensa and Sadhguru in Meditation.


All her life she has been a lover of sport and movement. Spinning teacher. Trained in Nutrition and Chef programs.


She worked at the Abrahamson Center, an institution where energetic treatments are carried out to get rid of addictions to cigarettes, sugar, addictive carbohydrates and any kind of drug or addiction. There she learned about the power of the energetic body.


Certified with Jorge Patrono in Bio-Well, technology that she currently uses as a diagnostic tool in her personal consultancies. 


In the wake of the 2020 pandemic, she created his own programme called IAM, a 40-day energy healing program, which aims to balance the endocrine system as a pathway to healing the body's imbalances. 


Children's coach. For 10 years she has trained more than 150 teachers with his Play, Learn and Be Fit program, which she has now extended to many families internationally.

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