Are you ready to connect like never before?

Experience the magic of human connection

"The S Experience

It is a sensual, spiritual and sensory experience that will transform the way you perceive yourself and life. Created by Energy Coach and Healer Fernanda Casasbuenas, this event will help you feel the energy flowing through your body and connect with your true essence. You will feel life itself flowing through your veins through an explosion of colour, sound, vibration and movement.

The world has changed; people feel isolated and apart. We are all longing for community and connection. We need intimacy and human connection.

Be part of this great experience to connect like never before.

What we do

We introduce people to the notion that our physical body depends on an energy structure and we learn how the energy body works. They understand that by changing the vibrational frequencies, all energy centres find balance. The energy centres are connected to the physical body through the endocrine glands. When they are aligned and balanced, we find permanent healing channels that help us reach optimal levels of health and wellness.

The objective

The aim is to change the vibrational waves in the brain. By understanding the space occupied by each part of our body, we lower our vibrational waves and enter a state of relaxation. At this point, we increase our pranic energy and begin to heal.

Our latest events

Fernanda Casabuenas


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Earth's Day Celebration - "S Experience".


Chakra Journey By The Sea


Love Ritual

Mind Power

Mind Power


Celebrating your Inner Goddess


Master your mind, program yourself for a life of success and achievement and learn to manage your emotions well.


Choose your food wisely to keep your body in balance, regulating your hormones, boosting your defenses and controlling inflammation.

Intentional Movement

Learn targeted movements that allow you to have a flexible and strong body. Simple, short routines aimed at balancing your chakras and your energetic body.

Meet the Team

Fernanda Casabuenas

Fernanda Casasbuenas is Colombian, currently based in the United States. She graduated in Business Administration at the Universidad Externado de Colombia.


Jorge Alfano

 A clinical hypnotist and ordained metaphysical minister and grassroots multi-instrumentalist, he has dedicated his work to what he calls, "the evolution of human consciousness through music, sound and meditation".

Sara González

Sara Gonzalez is a music teacher and yoga teacher who combines sound and energy within the classes she teaches in Miami schools and also works with children with special needs.


Fernanda believes in a holistic approach to satisfying physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. With over 15 years of experience being a Master Energy Healer and Reiki master practitioner, she has enjoyed working with numerous celebrities, kids, teenagers, adults, and elders worldwide. 


Founder and creator of the 40-day energy detoxification program "IAM" and the Play, Learn, and Be Fit program for kids, Fernanda has now found a way for people to experience and feel what happens inside their bodies and how we are connected to the Universe through this force called energy. In "The S Experience," you will be able to mirror Fernanda's energy alignment. 


Through a technology called Biowell, Fernanda has measured and diagnosed energetic flows, balanced, and even prevented diseases. 


Her protocol is based on three fundamental pillars: Nutrition, Mindfulness, and Movement.